Qianqian Cui



Qianqian is part of CLASP’s China program, offering implementation, communication, and operational support to CLAPS’s appliance policy initiatives in China. Qianqian has nearly a decade of experience working on international development programs in areas of climate change mitigation, gender equity, and urban livelihood. She has extensive experience with program monitoring and evaluation, program operation and reporting, and quantitative and qualitative research. Prior to joining CLASP, she led monitoring and evaluation efforts in a series of programs on cities and climate change in China, where she also served as the Gender Focal Point, introducing gender indicators and assessment metrics to broaden programs’ focus on energy technical issues with gender equity and social inclusion perspectives. She graduated from the University of Bergen, Norway, with a master’s degree in English. Outside of work, Qianqian is an accomplished English-Chinese translator who works mostly on non-fiction and has published a few translated books.


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