Dynamic tools to support evidence-based decisions

Explore CLASP’s suite of tools that surface essential data and information on appliance energy performance and quality.

World’s Best MEPS: Tracking Leaders in Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards

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Minimum energy performance standards are a proven regulatory measure used widely to drive improvements in appliance energy efficiency. CLASP compares current MEPS for six key appliance & equipment types across ten major economies and identifies the most stringent standards.

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Find the world’s most stringent energy performance standards for lighting, electric motors, air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, and space heating equipment.

Mepsy: The Appliance & Equipment Climate Impact Calculator

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Mepsy is CLASP's digital tool to model the impacts of energy and carbon reduction policies. Pre-loaded with data from 162 countries, it supports analysis and prioritization for the most energy-intensive appliances and equipment.

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Analyze efficiency policy options for space heating equipment, ACs, residential water heaters, refrigerators, motors, lighting, fans, televisions

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VeraSol Product Database

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Quickly identify high-quality off-grid solar solutions by searching and comparing hundreds of products on a single platform.

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View 195+ certified solar energy kits and 360+ independently-tested off-grid appliances.

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CLASP Policy Resource Center

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The CLASP Policy Resource Center (CPRC) is a hub for information on energy efficiency, water efficiency, and quality policies for appliances and equipment. The comprehensive database makes it easy to view, compare, and download data to support policy development, product prioritization, and other technical analyses.

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Explore 1500+ labeling policies and minimum performance standards across over 130 countries, including for off-grid products.

CLASP Compliance Toolkit

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The CLASP Compliance Toolkit provides resources to educate policymakers and practitioners on policy compliance and help them design effective strategies to lock in the benefits of efficient appliances.

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Explore guidance, tools and analyses to support robust compliance efforts.

On-Mode Computer Testing Tool

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CLASP and GTD developed an open-source software for testing the energy efficiency and performance of personal computers as they perform a range of common tasks.

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Using this testing tool in combination with the defined test setup, users can measure the power and performance of a personal computer.


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