On-Mode Computer Testing Tool

CLASP and GTD developed an open-source software for testing the energy efficiency and performance of personal computers as they perform a range of common tasks.

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Using this testing tool in combination with the defined test setup, users can measure the power and performance of a personal computer.

This software tool allows individuals to test the performance and power consumption of personal computers.

Personal computers are essential to the functionality and productivity of society today across Europe and around the world. But how well do they perform their tasks and how much energy do they use?

To help answer these questions as they pertain to one of our most frequently used devices, CLASP and GTD, with input from DIGITALEUROPE and their members, developed a software tool to measure active power and performance of personal computers (I.e., products covered under Lot 3).

This updated software tool is designed to:

  1. accurately assess the energy use and performance of the computer when executing tasks;
  2. be agnostic of operating system, architecture and configuration;
  3. be low cost and easy to use for manufacturers and market surveillance authorities alike; and
  4. be open source so it may become part of independently reviewed and updated performance testing software

To learn more about the tool and how to use it, please view this recording and slide deck from our September 2022 webinar.

Software Download and Usage Instructions

Learn how to download and use the tool

Click the “Download Tool” button above to access the tool and create a USB key containing the Computer Efficiency Test Software. The file is 9GB and must be downloaded prior to creating the USB key.

If you already have a previous version of the software, you can update your USB key by running the update script as outlined in the Software Manual, section 3.4.

Software Manual: Read this manual for instructions on using the software – including information on required equipment, hardware setup, and software execution.

To learn more about the tool and how to use it, please view this recording and slide deck from our September 2022 webinar.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the tool and its metrics.

Metric White Paper: An informational document on the justification for the tool’s energy efficiency metric

Introductory Presentation: View CLASP’s presentation on the tool’s purpose, test setup, and initial outcomes.


This tool is the result of a multiyear partnership between CLASP, and DIGITALEUROPE.

CLASP thanks Unity, and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for their support in providing high-quality content to be utilised within the software.

Current version 2022-09-19

This tool has been under development for over two years.  Please visit the GTD site to access archived versions of the tool and a log of revisions made between the earlier drafts.



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