European efficiency policy saves consumers money on their energy bills and creates tens of billions in revenue each year for European companies.

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EU efficiency policies increase the energy efficiency of lighting products, common appliances and industrial equipment.

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CLASP plays a central role in advising and collaborating with the European Commission, member states, environmental NGOs, and industry partners in developing and promoting appliance energy efficiency policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the common market. Working closely with our partners, CLASP identifies priority work areas and provides robust technical analysis to support best-in-class policies.

Our ongoing work includes support for policymaking on computers and other electronic devices, lighting, and the electrification of space heating.

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Europe's Sweeping “EcoDesign” Policy Package

In 2019, the European Commission adopted new regulations that will reduce European electricity consumption by 167 TWh per year by 2030 - 5% of the region’s total residential electricity use - and avoid 46 Mt CO₂ per year by 2030, while saving European households an average €150 (US$165) per year. CLASP supported policy development for lighting, televisions, computer monitors, commercial signage, residential and commercial refrigerators, and transformers.

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A Vital Transition to Clean Lighting

Eliminating all fluorescent lighting bulbs from European markets would significantly reduce toxic mercury pollution, while also lowering carbon emissions equivalent to four coal-fired power plants, and saving consumers and businesses billions of Euros. Learn More.


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