Over 20 years of dedication to efficient appliances for people and the planet.

Ambitious action to meet rising energy demand and cut carbon emissions

Transitioning to energy efficient appliances and equipment on a global scale would reduce electricity use by 1,500 TWh cumulatively by 2030, cutting more than 1 Gt of carbon emissions per year and saving more than $200 billion per year on electricity bills. CLASP partners with policymakers and local and international partners to advance energy efficiency policies that ensure appliances are high-performing and low-impact.


CLASP works in 12 of the world's top 20 carbon-emitting economies in the appliances sector.

Catalyzing the uptake of modern, life-transforming, appliances & equipment

840 million people live without access to electricity, or access to electrical appliances that boost productivity and provide essential services like cooling, refrigeration and communications. Our clean energy access efforts will help millions of people move up the energy ladder and unlock opportunities for quality-of-life improvements, women’s empowerment, and sustainable economic development.


As of 2018, off-grid solar systems were providing more than 360 million people with access to energy globally.

This Work is accelerated by these CLASP initiatives

CLASP programs have delivered new or enhanced energy access to over 1,215,000 people since 2017.

From 2018-2020, CLASP supported efficiency policies that will avoid 596 MT of CO₂ emissions cumulatively by 2030.


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