Quality assurance for off-grid solar solutions

VeraSol is the leading independent quality assurance program for distributed solar solutions, appliances, and equipment. An evolution of Lighting Global Quality Assurance, VeraSol strives to make safe, affordable, and durable products the default option in the market.

Quality Matters

Today’s off-grid solar energy market is characterized by products with varying levels of quality and durability. Some are designed and manufactured well, while others fall short of expectations for safety, durability, and performance.

For many bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers, purchasing a solar product is a major decision and investment. Spending limited funds on a poor-quality product could be devastating for the consumer and harm the reputation of off-grid solar products generally.

By prioritizing the quality of solar energy solutions, VeraSol builds a competitive global market where high-performing products help consumers unlock the full range of benefits that stem from having access to modern energy services.

VeraSol’s Core Services

Test Methods

Define how product quality is measured, giving the industry a common language for making claims about product performance.

Quality Standards

Determine the baseline level of product quality for consumer protection as reflected in internationally-recognized standards.

Appliance Testing

Enables apples-to-apples comparisons through standardized testing.


Confirms whether a solar energy kit meets internationally-recognized standards for quality, durability, and truth-in-advertising.

Test Lab Capacity Building

Improves global capacity to test to standards and produce reliable, consistent performance data.

Product Data Sharing

Improves decision making and scales the market for quality of-grid solar solutions through comparable data.

Technical Assistance

Supports governments in the adoption and
implementation of policies for off-grid solar solutions.

Stakeholder Engagement

Communicates to the market about the importance and specifies of product quality.

Independent, Trusted, Third-Party Data

VeraSol’s user-friendly product database makes it easy to find and compare independently-tested solar energy kits and appliances. All listed products have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by approved test laboratories according to international test methods.

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