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VeraSol Product Database

Quickly identify high-quality off-grid solar solutions by searching and comparing hundreds of products on a single platform.

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View 195+ certified solar energy kits and 360+ independently-tested off-grid appliances.

Independent, Trusted, Third-Party Data

The VeraSol Product Database is a freely available digital tool that:

  • Makes it easy to identify and compare off-grid solar solutions by consolidating information for solar energy kits and off-grid appliances on a single platform
  • Enables manufacturers to increase the visibility of their products with distributors and development partners through standardized and searchable product listings
  • Allows for easy product benchmarking on performance and quality that can drive market competition and innovation

All products in the database have undergone rigorous testing according to international standards by approved test laboratories. All listed pico-solar products and solar home system kits are certified to the leading international quality standards.

Using the Product Database


Use grid-view to see snapshots of product information, or list-view to see multiple products in a tabular form.

Choose your preferred viewing style.


Compare up to four products side-by-side to easily differentiate technical and performance details.

Make side-by-side product comparisons

Sort & Filter

Sort products by certain criteria such as model, brand, size and retail price. Filter data by size, power consumption, location and price to quickly identify products that meet your needs.

Quickly identify products that meet your criteria


Download a spreadsheet for a single product, compared products, or all products to conduct your own analysis.

Save your data for future analysis

How to Use our Data


Benchmark your product's performance and quality against your competitors. Use your product listing to communicate key attributes to buyers and signal a commitment to quality.


Make faster, informed sourcing and procurement decisions. Identify reputable suppliers by comparing the performance, quality, and price of off-grid solar solutions.


Validate product quality and inform the due-diligence process when assessing products or companies to support. Easily screen products to reduce risk across investment portfolios.


Access certification documents and other important solar energy kits product attributes. Use off-grid appliance data to develop a market baseline, track progress, and craft policies

Development Institutions

Easily confirm product quality when assessing products or companies to support in programs and initiatives.

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Visit the Product Database to begin comparing hundreds of independently-tested or certified solar home systems, televisions, fans, refrigerators, and solar water pumps.

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