Efficient Appliances for People & the Planet


CLASP is the leading global authority on appliances’ role in fighting climate change and promoting sustainable development.

Our values

Transparency is an organizing principle of CLASP. We strive for direct and open communication with our colleagues and diverse global partners.


Our team works to improve people’s lives and protect our planet. We are guided by the principle that everyone deserves access to life-saving appliances and that this can be achieved without harming the planet we all depend on.


Collaboration is key at CLASP, as no one can solve the world’s most pressing issues alone. We partner with policymakers, appliance manufacturers, distributors, scientists, and local partners to deliver the best possible outcomes.


CLASP focuses on the appliances most critical to reducing emissions and improving quality of life, from air conditioners and heat pumps to cooking appliances. With a strong potential for efficiency gains, these appliances address universal needs like cooling, heating, and cooking.

Our suite of services includes:
Energy & Quality Standards

Standards push markets toward higher quality, higher efficiency appliances and eliminate inefficient, poor-quality models. CLASP partners with policymakers, consumer groups, technical and market experts, and others to design and implement energy performance and quality standards.

Labeling & Buyer Education

Labels communicate important information for buyers to make educated purchases, showing a product’s energy performance and other characteristics. They make it easier for utility companies, government energy agencies, international aid agencies and others to procure in bulk or offer consumers incentives to buy better appliances.

Awards & Product Recognition

Recognizing good appliances drives design innovation, reduces risk for early-mover manufacturers and buyers, and strengthens markets. CLASP designs awards programs that recognize best-in-class products and encourage innovation for energy performance and sustainability.

Compliance, Testing, & Quality Assurance

Robust testing and policy compliance underwrite consumer, seller, and manufacturer investment in appliances and equipment, verifying product performance, safety, and durability against energy and quality standards. CLASP supports reliable testing and market monitoring to reduce risk and fill key information gaps, ultimately safeguarding the benefits of high-performing products.

Meet our International Team


CLASP works to improve the energy and environmental performance of the appliances and equipment we use every day, helping accelerate our transition to a more sustainable world.

Bridging the gap between analysis, policy, and implementation, CLASP’s work reveals where the appliance sector stands, where it needs to be, and how to get there.


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