CLASP’s Policy Resource Center Map Shows Appliance Policy Coverage Globally

CLASP has launched a new interactive map that allows users to run quick queries of CLASP Policy Resource Center (CPRC) policies and generate visuals summarizing the scope of regulations within a certain region. 

The CLASP Policy Resource Center (CPRC) contains over 1500 efficiency policies for appliances and equipment across 14 major product categories and 120 economies. The new Appliance & Equipment Policy Tracker makes the database more accessible for users unfamiliar with the CPRC interface as well as those wanting to run quick data queries without the need to download an entire dataset for further analysis.

Using the Interactive Map

Our new map enables you to quickly tabulate the number of existing policies in a specific region or economy for a single product category. Beyond generating raw policy counts, you can use the map to create visuals in the format of a global heat map showing the distribution of policies by geographic region. You may take a screenshot of the map to use in reports, presentations, or other documents requiring data visuals.

If you want to explore your query in more detail, you may follow a link directly to the CPRC where your query will be saved. From there, you can download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with all policy information for further analysis. If you need to run a more complex search across multiple product categories or search criteria, we encourage you to enter your search directly in the CPRC to leverage more advanced filtering capabilities.

View the Map and Stay Up to Date

You can access the map here. Be sure to sign up for our Tools newsletter to stay up to date about new policy updates and product launches for the CPRC and other CLASP tools. If you have any feedback on how we can improve this tool or to report any technical issues, you may report it here.


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