CLASP is the leading global authority on appliances’ role in fighting climate change and improving people's lives. To control emissions and provide universal access to critical services like cooling and cooking, the global community must urgently prioritize energy-efficient and affordable appliances. Later is too late.

Climate Change Mitigation

The appliance sector accounts for nearly 40% of global energy-related CO emissions. Efficient appliances are a vital climate solution. CLASP focuses on the top emitting appliances and countries to reduce emissions and curb rising energy demand, through policy and complementary measures.

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     CLASP has identified the ten appliances that should form the basis of an unprecedented efficiency push.

Clean Energy Access

Millions of people lack access to the essential appliances that drive productivity and enhance lives. CLASP’s work brings life-changing, efficient appliances to the world’s poorest people, including those in off- and weak-grid areas. By driving innovation and catalyzing markets, our work aims to end to energy poverty and transform communities.

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CLASP is supported by a range of institutions including:

ClimateWorks Foundation

Crux Alliance

IKEA Foundation

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

UK Aid


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