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The CLASP Policy Resource Center (CPRC) is a hub for information on energy efficiency, water efficiency, and quality policies for appliances and equipment. The comprehensive database makes it easy to view, compare, and download data to support policy development, product prioritization, and other technical analyses.

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Explore 1500+ labeling policies and minimum performance standards across over 130 countries, including for off-grid products.

A clear picture of global efficiency policies facilitates a wide range of decision-making and analysis by policymakers, researchers, members of the appliance industry, and other practitioners.

A Hub for Appliance and Equipment Policy Information

The CLASP Policy Resource Center (CPRC) is a freely available digital tool that:

  • Stands as the most comprehensive global policy platform of its kind. The CPRC serves as a single point of access for appliance and equipment policy data across more than 130 economies
  • Allows visitors to develop customizable, aggregated lists of policies, or examine individual policies in more detail
  • Makes it easy for policymakers and practitioners to explore efficiency policies from countries around the globe, enabling internationally informed decisions
  • Is continually expanding in terms of features and content. CLASP will update the CPRC by country every 6-18 months and make ad-hoc updates as soon we become aware of policy changes. Users can submit updates to us and subscribe to receive CPRC updates and news (e.g. new features and events) from CLASP every 1-2 months.

Sort & Filter

The Policy Search table allows users to filter searches, sort results, and show/hide columns based on relevance.

Use filters to refine search by geography, products covered, adopted and revised dates, and more

Policy Detail

Policy Detail pages allow users to see policy scopes, responsible agencies, and more. Users can also view policy sources, test methods applied, and label pictures when applicable and available.

Examine individual policies in more detail with Policy Detail pages

Download Data

Users can download the contents of Policy Detail pages and the Policy Search as a .xlsx file. Policy Search downloads will reflect the contents seen in the table, based on filters and columns shown/hidden.

View, compare, download data to support policy development, product prioritization, and other technical analyses.

Provide Feedback

We encourage users to share their feedback so that we can make the CPRC as useful as possible. Users can submit new policies to add to the CPRC, updates to existing policies, and overall feedback on features.

Share your questions, comments, and feedback

For more information on how to use the CPRC see our FAQs and watch the tool walkthrough below.

To explore the taxonomy used in the CPRC see the Methodology.

More questions about the CPRC? Contact us.

An Introduction to the CLASP Policy Resource Center


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