CLASP Compliance Toolkit

The CLASP Compliance Toolkit provides resources to educate policymakers and practitioners on policy compliance and help them design effective strategies to lock in the benefits of efficient appliances.

Explore guidance, tools and analyses to support robust compliance efforts.

The clean energy, and appliance efficiency and quality sectors are working tirelessly towards a more sustainable world. These efforts are significant, but it is critical that professionals and policymakers account for compliance in their strategies – a critical activity that helps to protect the anticipated benefits of energy efficiency policies and sustainable technologies for consumers, the market, and the planet.

Learn more about Why Compliance Counts.

The CLASP Compliance Toolkit offers up-to-date, accessible and interactive resources to help countries design effective policy implementation and enforcement strategies and mechanisms to improve compliance and lock in the benefits of adopting clean energy technologies and energy efficiency and quality standards.

Introduction to Compliance

CLASP has developed a series of general resources to educate policymakers, practitioners, researchers and the public on the basics of policy compliance.

Learn about each step of a robust compliance strategies for on- and off-grid markets.

Article: Why Compliance Counts

Videos: Introduction to Compliance (General, Off-Grid and On-Grid)

Informational Two-Pagers:

Non-Compliance Risk Assessment Tool

The Non-Compliance Risk Assessment Tool (NC-RAT) allows users to evaluate energy efficiency policy enforcement efforts and associated market non-compliance risk.

NC-RAT is an easy-to-use tool that is based on a qualitative assessment of national policy implementation and enforcement mechanisms.

The Non-Compliance Risk Assessment Tool (NC-RAT) is an easy-to-use tool that is based on a qualitative assessment of national compliance programs and organized under five Indicators: Regulation, Resources, Certification & Registration, Market Surveillance & Enforcement, and Compliance Communication. Each Indicator includes relevant questions for the user to respond to, based on which, the Tool calculates scores for 1) each Indicator and 2) a corresponding overall score for market non-compliance risk. The tool also provides initial recommendations for how policymakers can strengthen compliance programs, based on individual user responses

To learn more about how to use the NC-RAT, watch this how-to video for a step-by-step tutorial.

Additional Compliance Resources

Check out some of CLASP and partners' recent work in supporting policy compliance worldwide.

Discover insights on activities like testing, labelling and more.


Visit Mepsy, CLASP’s energy impact modeling tool, to access its compliance feature that provides projections based on Low to Excellent policy compliance variability.

Conformity Assessment

Conformity Assessment for Off-Grid Solar Products: Opportunities & Recommendations for Stakeholders; VeraSol

Market Surveillance

ASEAN Market Surveillance Guidelines for Air Conditioners; CLASP

Guidelines for Market Surveillance and Enforcement; VeraSol


Study to Evaluate Online Energy Labelling Compliance in the EU; CLASP

Product Registration Systems

Guidance and Resources on PRSs; U4E


SEAD Testing Costs Manual; CLASP

Guide to Building Sustainable Testing Capacity in ECOWAS; CLASP


Want to access more of CLASP’s compliance resources? Visit our research library.

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