Sara Demartini

Senior Associate


Sara Demartini is a Senior Associate on CLASP’s Climate team. She joined CLASP in 2019 where she first worked on the global climate portfolio in Washington DC. In 2022, she moved to Italy to focus on CLASP’s Europe program where she works on a number of priorities including online energy labeling & compliance, heating & cooling, appliance circular economy and gas-free cooking in the EU and UK.

Before CLASP, Sara worked on water and energy policy at the United Nations ESCAP and on climate change adaptation with CARE in Thailand. She has a Master’s in International Relations – Economics and Development Policies and a Post Master’s in Human Development and Environment. She’s currently pursuing an MSc in Sustainable Energy Provision and Demand Side Management. Out of work, Sara enjoys spending time outdoors for a run or a walk, and likes exploring new places especially to try out new dishes.


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