Muthoni Ireri

Research Fellow


Muthoni is a seasoned civil engineer who has spent years immersed in the dynamic fields of transport, infrastructure, and construction, delivering projects in a last-mile region for over 4 years. Her journey in engineering has been a continuous exploration, driven by curiosity about why things work the way they do and a persistent need to find innovative solutions to challenges. She is passionate about having tangible impact on communities— literally and figuratively, building bridges that connect them.

Currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in project planning and management, complemented by self-study in data science and analytics, she brings her unique experience into clean energy access research, endeavouring to bridge the gap between innovation and practical solutions. Her enthusiasm extends beyond the technical aspects; she genuinely believes in promoting energy-efficient technologies across diverse sectors, drawing from her first-hand experiences living and working in a remote part of Kenya where she witnessed the meaningful difference that solar-powered innovations have on communities.


Outside of the professional sphere, you’ll often find her engrossed in books, nurturing her garden, taking on some DIY projects, and occasionally tinkering with software and computers.


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