CLASP at Clean Energy Ministerial 2023

On 19 July, CLASP will co-host an event with Asian Development Bank on 'Opportunities for Energy Transition within the Agricultural Cold Chain & Logistics Sector' in Goa, India.

On 19 July, CLASP’s India team and Asian Development Bank (ADB) will co-host a side event at the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial 2023 (CEM14) in Goa, India. This session will focus on Opportunities for Energy Transition within the Agricultural Cold Chain and Logistics Sector, centered around CEM14’s theme, Advancing Clean Energy Together.

Climate change and population growth is expected to have a significant impact on how India stores and distributes food. As the demand for food increases, so will the demand for agriculture cold chain and logistics infrastructure. ICAP estimates that approximately 55,000 packhouses will be developed over 2027-28. Additionally, the National Centre for Cold Chain Development in 2015 estimated that India had less than 15% of the refrigerated trucks it needed, impeding connectivity between producers and markets. As such, India’s cold chain requires substantial investments and power supply to meet the country’s growing needs. As the infrastructure is built out, it is important to ensure that it is energy efficient and relies on renewable energy.

To address this pressing challenge, CLASP and ADB are co-hosting a panel discussion to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with transitioning towards a low-carbon and energy-efficient cold chain infrastructure.

The event will consist of two panel discussions:

11:00 AM to 11:35 AM | Need for a Robust Energy Efficient Cold Chain Infrastructure

11:35 AM to 12:10 PM | Financing Landscape for Developing a Sustainable Cold Chain Infrastructure

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