Press Release: Global LEAP Awards Announces Winners and Finalists of the 2022 Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge

The 2022 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge (OGCCC) competition identified 12 best-in-class, affordable, energy-efficient off-grid cold chains appropriate for use in un- and underserved markets. SelfChill emerged as the top winner and New Leaf Dynamic was a runner-up, receiving US$ 75,000 and US$ 25,000, respectively.

Nairobi, Kenya, 1 March 2023, The Efficiency for Access Coalition is pleased to announce the 2022 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge (OGCCC) results. Please join us in congratulating the winning and finalist cold chain solutions:

DC Powered Solutions


  • SelfChill Cold Room 20 by SelfChill (Cooperation of Solar Cooling Engineering GmbH, Phaesun GmbH and University of Hohenheim)


AC Powered Solutions

Hybrid (AC/DC) Solutions



Biomass Powered Solutions

The OGCCC promotes solar-powered cold storage solutions based on energy efficiency, design innovation, sustainability, commercial viability, and potential impact. The SelfChill Cold Room 20 emerged as the top winner, and the GreenCHILL GC-4TR-2021 unit by New Leaf Dynamic Technologies Private Limited was the runner-up. They will be awarded a cash prize of US$ 75,000 and 25,000, respectively, for their innovations.

Sustainable refrigeration services are essential in emerging markets where agriculture is a source of livelihood for nearly 80% of people. Unfortunately, almost 40% of food harvested is lost post-harvest due to inadequate storage facilities – contributing to diminished returns for farmers and is a leading cause of food insecurity globally.

“Congratulations to all winners and finalists in the 2022 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge. Solar-powered cold chains are crucial in commercialising agricultural produce and improving the living standards of smallholder farmers in developing markets. Identifying and promoting impactful cold chain solutions is the first step in transforming the agricultural value chain.” said Ruth Kimani, Senior Associate at CLASP.

Access to cold chain storage solutions can increase perishable produce’s shelf life, thereby reducing spoilage and supporting income-generating activities for micro-enterprises. Early access to cold chains can also guarantee food security and reduce the time spent by households to gather food. However, to be viable in off- and weak grid settings and suitable for users, cold chains must be considerably more affordable, sustainably designed and operate on less energy than most conventional cold chain solutions.

Watch our video about OGCCC finalist Inficold’s innovative ice battery technology that enables Indian farmers to store their fresh produce for up to a week, decreasing crop wastage by 35% and increasing incomes.

The 2022 Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge is supported by the DOEN Foundation, Good Energies Foundation, IKEA Foundation and UK aid.

Jeffrey Prins from IKEA Foundation said, “Access to energy-efficient solar-powered appliances can increase household incomes by 15% and lower carbon emissions by 40%. Our partnership with the Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge brings us closer to achieving global carbon emission targets while improving the living standards of millions in unserved or underserved communities.”

Detailed information about the winners and finalists – including product performance data and sales contact information – will be published in the first-ever 2022 Global LEAP Awards Field Testing Buyer’s Guide for off-grid cold chain units. The Buyer’s Guide shares field-testing results, is a procurement tool for distributed energy companies and appliance distributors and provides general market intelligence.

Maarten Derksen from DOEN Foundation said, “We are excited to support early innovations that accelerate a clean energy transition. Cold storage solutions can catalyse income-generating activities, strengthen local food systems and enhance productivity for micro-enterprises across emerging markets.”

The competition received 24 product nominations from 20 companies, and 17 products from 14 companies were announced as preliminary finalists after a diligent shortlisting exercise. Ten entries in Nigeria (1), Kenya (5) and India (4) completed their field-testing stage of the competition, which was concluded in September 2022.

Watch our video on CoolCrop, an OGCCC finalist impacting 10,000 farmers in India with innovative solar-powered cold storage solutions. These customisable solutions are affordable and sustainable, allowing for an increased shelf life of fresh produce and a boost in incomes by over 30%.

The Global LEAP Awards – an initiative of the Low Energy Inclusive Appliance (LEIA) program under Efficiency for Access Coalition – is an international competition that identifies and promotes the world’s best, most energy-efficient appliances for off-grid and weak-grid areas where grid connections are intermittent and of inconsistent quality.


Efficiency for Access is a global coalition promoting energy efficiency as a potent catalyst in clean energy access efforts. Since its founding in 2015, Efficiency for Access has grown from a year-long call to action and collaborative effort by Global LEAP and Sustainable Energy for All to a coalition of 20 donor organisations. Coalition programmes aim to scale up markets and reduce prices for super-efficient, off- and weak-grid appropriate products, support technological innovation, and improve sector coordination. Current Efficiency for Access Coalition members lead programmes and initiatives spanning three continents, 62 countries, and 34 key technologies.

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