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Update to the Ecodesign Requirements for Televisions – Analysis of the European Market

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In November 2014, the European Commission published its draft update to the 2009 regulation on televisions (EC No 642/2009). The updated requirements were set to apply to televisions, computer monitors and other electronic displays. The requirements however were based on 2014 models, many of which are no longer offered on the market and have been replaced by more efficient models.

CLASP Europe therefore conducted an analysis of the European television market to assess whether the Commission’s proposal from November 2014 was still valid. This work involved creating a new database of 2016 models and then conducting an analysis on appropriate minimum energy performance standards. The report below proposes potential requirements for electronic displays based on this 2016 model database of European televisions, considering three scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Applying the Commission’s most recent (2014) proposed requirements to the new 2016 database. This scenario has separate equations for each of the three Tiers, but has the same efficiency requirement for HD and UHD displays (see Chapter 1);
  • Scenario 2: An update to the Commission’s 2014 proposal based on the 2016 database, keeping approximately the same level of ambition (i.e., pass-rates for models). This scenario has one equation for all three Tiers and for HD and UHD displays, but has separate energy-efficiency index (EEI) requirements at Tiers 1, 2 and 3 and for HD and UHD displays (see Chapter 4); and
  • Scenario 3: The CLASP recommended option, keeping the same structure as Scenario 2, but having a higher degree of ambition.  This scenario has more ambitious EEI values for Tiers 1,2, 3 and has different requirements for HD and UHD (see Chapter 5).

This report was prepared by Michael Scholand and Marie Baton of the CLASP Europe office, with expert input from Bob Harrison.  An Excel spreadsheet containing the anonymous database of electronic displays in Europe that was used for this analysis is available below.

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