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Elisa Lai to lead VeraSol, a global quality assurance program for off-grid solar solutions

Elisa Lai, a Senior Manager at CLASP, takes up leadership of the VeraSol Quality Assurance Program.

Lisa Kahuthu

We are pleased to share that Elisa Lai is taking over the leadership of CLASP’s off-grid quality assurance team and has been promoted to Senior Manager. In this new role, Elisa will oversee all aspects of VeraSol quality assurance at CLASP, from program design and operations to strategic engagement and partnerships. Previously, Ari Reeves held this position. He has also recently transitioned into a new role – Senior Director of Research at CLASP.

VeraSol is built on a solid foundation of partnerships dedicated to serving the off-grid solar sector. Since 2016, CLASP has partnered with the Schatz Energy Research Center, led by Dr. Arne Jacobson, to implement the quality assurance program. CLASP and the Schatz Center continue to work as one team to deliver top-notch quality assurance services to the sector.

‘Elisa Lai has been an excellent and effective collaborator for our work on VeraSol over the past six years. I am very pleased that Elisa has been selected to lead CLASP’s off-grid quality assurance efforts. Our team at the Schatz Center looks forward to continuing to work closely with her and the rest of the CLASP team,’ says Dr. Jacobson.

Elisa has been with CLASP since 2010 and has been an integral contributor to the VeraSol program since 2016. Elisa pioneered VeraSol’s Product Database, manages test method development and oversees product testing for a growing suite of appliances and productive use technologies, including refrigerators, solar water pumps, and electric pressure cookers.

Elisa celebrating her 9-year work anniversary with the CLASP team in Washington, DC.

Elisa has also been instrumental in expanding VeraSol’s certification services to include off-grid solar refrigerators, marking a significant milestone for VeraSol and unlocking future services for a variety of off-grid solar appliances and productive use equipment.

‘The off-grid solar market continues to evolve and change rapidly, which presents a unique challenge and opportunity for VeraSol. Working alongside a talented and dynamic team, I look forward to exploring new and enhanced quality assurance services VeraSol can deliver to the off-grid sector.’ says Elisa.

Visit this page to see the full team contributing to VeraSol quality assurance and learn more about the program here.


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