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Market Assessment for Pedestal Fans in India

This report delves into the market assessment and technical analysis provided by CLASP and ICF Consulting India Pvt. Limited to assist the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in upgrading the energy efficiency program for pedestal fans in India to a mandatory phase.

Pedestal fans are used for various purposes in residential, commercial, industrial, office spaces, warehouses, and institution settings due to their portability. They are common appliances for circulating cool breezes and regulating temperatures.

India’s fan industry generates over 60 million units annually, valued at around INR 8,000 crores (USD 1.07 billion; 2018–19), projected to exceed USD 2 billion by 2023. Growing presence of organized retail outlets, increasing spending power, and rising preference for online sales platforms and modular homes are expected to boost demand for electric fans in India over the coming years. As cooling demands increase, the usage of pedestal fans will grow.

Given the opportunity to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy consumption, CLASP collaborated with ICF Consulting India Pvt. Limited to conduct a thorough market assessment of pedestal fans in India. The study covers product sales, import/export trends, available Indian test standards and test facilities, international labeling program comparisons, and recommendations for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in developing a mandatory energy efficiency program for pedestal fans in India.

The team conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and used structured questionnaires to provide the following insights:

  • Manufacturing of pedestal fans increased steadily between FY 2018-19 to FY 2019-20. Followed by a decline in FY 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Export for pedestal fans has been increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 8%.
  • The Indian market has over 50 manufacturers offering more than 1000 variants of pedestal fans.
  • Significant proportion of the current market demand is met through import from external players due to:
  • high domestic costs for raw materials
  • high domestic fuel costs
  • competitive pricing of Chinese-manufactured fans (15%-20% cheaper)

BEE has made the pedestal fan labelling program voluntary from March 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024.

According to the technical analysis, it is estimated that the Indian market for pedestal fans will grow up to 9.3 million by 2030. Transitioning of the policy is expected to save an estimated 4.4 TWh of electricity and reduce 3.5 MtCO2 emissions by 2030.

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