Integrating Appliance Efficiency into Nationally Determined Contributions


This report investigates the inclusion of appliance efficiency in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and advises governments on how they can best leverage ambitious appliance efficiency policies when revising climate commitments.

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While 86% of governments cite energy efficiency in their NDC, only 61% mention appliance efficiency policy specifically as a mitigation action.

With an urgent need for more ambitious climate action, all parties to the Paris Agreement are encouraged to strengthen their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) ahead of COP27 in November.

This report assesses the use of appliance energy efficiency standards in national mitigation strategies outlined in NDCs and outlines steps governments can take to better integrate appliance efficiency into their climate mitigation strategies. Findings show that 50% of governments with high mitigation potential do not mention appliances in their NDCs and 36% of governments have established appliance efficiency policies but fail to list appliance energy efficiency as a key mitigation action.

Countries now have the opportunity to greatly reduce emissions and reach critical mitigation targets that can help the world avoid the 1.5C warming mark through appliance efficiency standards. This report includes several tools for governments to design and assess the impacts of new appliance efficiency standards policies and compliance including the CLASP Policy Resource Center, a comprehensive hub for existing regulations, Mepsy, CLASP’s appliance efficiency climate and impact calculator and more!

Read the report, explore CLASP’s tools and research, and watch this webinar recording to learn more about the benefits of appliance efficiency policies.

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