Advancing Standards and Labelling by Leveraging Analysis of Consumer Products and Commercial Equipment


Michael Scholand

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Around the world, equipment energy
efficiency standards and test methods are being implemented and regularly
revised for a range of domestic, commercial and industrial products. A
significant amount of analytical effort is required to develop these
requirements and optimise them to best reflect overall policy objectives;
however, very often this work is done with only limited or partial knowledge of
similar activities that have been done in other economies. Effort can be saved
and outcomes improved for many products through properly reviewing published
studies in other economies and utilising the information that is relevant in
the local context. This paper presents a practical illustration of the
potential to improve the quality of such analyses through four examples working
on transformers, televisions, electric motors and external power supplies. This
paper also discusses barriers to leveraging these analyses and makes
recommendations around leveraging cross-economy analyses to accelerate global
adoption of test methods and energy-efficiency requirements.


Michael Scholand, Navigant Consulting Europe

Paul Waide, PhD, Navigant Consulting Europe

Frank Klinckenberg, CLASP

Anita Eide, CLASP

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