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Total Cost of Ownership of Domestic Gas and Electric Hobs in Europe

Consumer study on the effects of the presence & location of the energy label in online shopping environments in Europe

Clearing the Air: Gas Cooking and Pollution in European Homes

Consumer Perspectives of Gas and Electric Cooking: Evidence from Four National Surveys in Europe

CO₂ Avoidance from an EU Phase-Out of Gas Cooking Appliances

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Exposing the Hidden Health Impacts of Cooking with Gas

Refurbishing Europe’s Fluorescent Lamp Manufacturing Facilities

Pennies per Pound: The Return on Investment from Appliance Efficiency Technical Assistance

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Study to Evaluate Online Energy Labelling Compliance in the EU

Webinar Materials | How to Evaluate and Prioritize Efficiency Policies with Mepsy

Quantifying Lighting Benefits under the RoHS Directive: Calculating the Cost of Lost Time

Clarifications on Lighting Europe’s Comments to the RoHS Committee

Transitional Test Method for Ecodesign and Energy Labelling requirements for Electronic Displays

Assessing Annex III Fluorescent Lamp Exemptions in the Light of Scientific and Technical Progress

Mercury-Free Alternatives to Certain Fluorescent Lamps: A Report to the European Commission’s Committee on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances