Webinar Materials | How to Evaluate and Prioritize Efficiency Policies with Mepsy

Presentation materials from a webinar demonstration of Mepsy and its features on April 27, 2021.

Stephen Pantano, Matt Malinowski, Rebecca Schloemann

Improving the energy efficiency of household appliances and commercial equipment is a fast, cost-effective, and reliable means of mitigating carbon emissions. Efficiency standards are a key building block in most national plans to meet the climate challenge, but the analytical tools used to support policy design have long been too difficult or expensive to use and customize.

In February, CLASP launched Mepsy, a new planning tool designed to help policymakers, researchers, and others assess, compare, and prioritize energy efficiency policy scenarios. Mepsy displays the energy and climate impacts of appliance efficiency standards for key energy-using products, and supports national, regional, and global analysis.

These webinar resources introduce viewers to Mepsy, its underlying data, methodology, and use cases, with a real-world example of how CLASP is deploying the tool in Botswana. Users will understand how they can use Mepsy to understand the climate and energy impacts of efficiency standards, as well as how they can model specific policy scenarios using their own data.

A transcript of the audience Q&A session is also available.

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