SEAD-Administered Competition to Identify World’s Most Energy Efficient Computer Monitors

The SEAD Initiative launched a new Global Efficiency Medal competition for displays. This competition will recognize the most energy efficient computer monitors on the market as well as emerging technologies that have the potential to greatly reduce energy use in the future.

Globally, displays consume 4.5 terawatt-hour of electricity per year, equivalent to the total annual energy consumption in Hong Kong. By identifying the world’s most efficient monitors, the global awards competition places top-performing, super-efficient products in the hands of consumers and encourages the production and sale of highly innovative electronics.

Consumers are looking for more energy efficient technologies in our homes and offices,” said Christine Egan, Executive Director and CEO of CLASP. “The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition helps consumers save energy and cut back on electric bills, promoting innovation within the electronics market at the same time.”

Steve Pantano, an administrator for the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative, said “There’s a tremendous opportunity for everyone to benefit. From a manufacturing standpoint, there’s evidence that energy efficiency sells.”

The SEAD Initiative will announce the competition winners in September to spur sales during the holiday season. Consumers will be able to easily identify and purchase award-winning monitors that bear the SEAD Global Efficiency Medal logo.

The display competition is the second SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition; the first recognized the world’s most energy efficient flat-screen televisions.

CLASP, as the SEAD Operating Agent, administers the SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition. For more information, visit


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