New Faces at CLASP

Since our last update, eight new team members have joined our team. Learn what motivates them daily, their impressive accomplishments, and who recently adopted a puppy.

Clockwise from upper left corner: Karishma Joseph, Senior Communications Associate; Lucy Lai, Accounting Associate; Catherine Muiruri, Accounting Associate; Martha Wakoli, East Africa Senior Associate; Alexia Ross, Communications Coordinator; Tyo Wibisono, Southeast Asia, Program Associate; Maggie Mowrer, Communications Coordinator; Shirin Mavandad, Research Associate

In the past two months, CLASP has welcomed eight new team members across all three of our global offices and several teams. Amidst the buzz of activity, we’ve asked them about what keeps them motivated, the inception of their interest in environmental and energy work, and recent accomplishments that make them proud.

With eight new members comes eight unique professional backgrounds. Accounting Associate Lucy is translating the personability essential in her former role as a banker to her work at CLASP. “Most of my work had direct impact on customers. So, I love that CLASP emphasizes making an impact at every level of the organization.” Senior Climate Associate Martha comes with six years of experience in the private energy sector, where she focused on renewables as an opportunity to both reduce carbon emissions and increase energy access in developing countries, two goals that align neatly with CLASP’s own. Prior to joining CLASP, Senior Communications Associate Karishma gained experience on the advocacy campaign #KnowYourPalm, which increased awareness in Indian consumers of the environmental harm done by palm oil harvesting.

For most of our new colleagues, the quantifiable difference that CLASP makes is a significant motivator and source of inspiration. Former fellow and now Communications Coordinator Lexi comments, “I love that the work has such measurable and direct impacts on the world… at CLASP I know I am working with some of the brightest minds in the sector that know how to get climate mitigation results.” Maggie, another Communications Coordinator, echoes a similar sentiment:“The hard data on economic and environmental returns from CLASP’s work is something I want to be telling everyone.”

Motivation to continue solving these issues comes from personal experience for several of our new team members. Lucy, Climate Program Associate Tyo, Martha, Karishma, and Research Associate Shirin all cited the toll that environmental destruction has taken on their homes either recently or growing up as inspiration to work in the climate change mitigation field. Tyo’s interest is also influenced by the intersection of these issues with the social and economic inequality he witnessed in Indonesia, noting the impact on farmers especially. Martha is excited to see CLASP’s work positively impact the energy efficiency policies of countries that are facing increasing energy demands, like her native Kenya.

In between all of the hard work our team members do, it’s important that we stop and recognize accomplishments of all magnitudes. Those can be as simple as just joining the CLASP crew, as Accounting Associate Catherine noted. “Going through all the interviews and finally… being employed is something I am proud of.” Maggie adds, “Working on a team that is solving issues that I care about is so gratifying and honestly surprising this early on in my career.”

Everyone has also been keeping quite busy outside of work. Tyo earned a double Master’s degree, Lexi recently adopted a new puppy named Winnie, and Shirin has read 50 books in 2021! There is no doubt that the CLASP team knows how to keep busy learning, moving, and shaking up the world.

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