Major energy efficiency S&L Forum in China provides opportunity for Asian countries to share S&L best practices and international experiences

On November 15-16, 2011, the China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) organized the Asia Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling (S&L) Forum to share international S&L experiences and best practices among stakeholders from across Asia and the wider international S&L community. The Forum was co-sponsored by CLASP, the Energy Foundation, and the International Copper Association (ICA), and drew 100 representatives from China, the US, the EU, and other countries from across Asia.

In his keynote speech, Mr. Jin Ming Hong, the Director of Energy Efficiency at the China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), highlighted the importance of international collaboration to national S&L, saying, “International organizations such as CLASP and the Energy Foundation have extended great support to the development of China’s energy labeling system in the past years. China has achieved significant energy saving through our S&L programs, and we will continue to learn from international best practices and share our experience with other countries. This Forum is a great chance for us to exchange our information and share experiences.”

CLASP sponsored the participation of four international experts who presented and discussed the following topics at the Forum:

  • International best practices from the US, EU, and Korea, including:
    • US ENERGY STAR and EnergyGuide programs;
    • EU Energy-related Products (ERP) Directive, Energy Labeling Directive, and Eco-label; and
    • Korean S&L programs;
  • International collaboration among policy makers and technical experts through the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative;
  • International review of energy efficiency S&L programs; and
  • CLASP’s research on International Harmonization and mutual recognition of energy efficiency S&L programs.
    Additionally, CNIS reviewed S&L developments in China and shared future prospects for China’s energy efficiency S&L programs.

Forum participants – which included government S&L officials, research institutes, appliance industry associations, national test laboratories and manufacturers – recognized that the widespread adoption of S&L has great potential to help Asia address energy efficiency, energy security and climate change concerns. The Forum provided a highly useful platform for Asian countries to share their S&L experiences and learn from international best practices. To provide continued support for this collaboration, Deputy Director of CNIS Zhang Xin announced a plan to organize the second Asia EE S&L Forum in Shanghai in 2012.

The workshop agenda and presentations are available below.

Download Files:

Asia Energy Efficiency Standards & Labeling Forum Agenda


Assessing the Potential for Energy Savings with China’s ES&L Program
SEAD Initiative
US ENERGY STAR and EnergyGuide Programs
EU ERP Directive, Energy Labeling Directive, and Eco-label
Energy Efficiency S&L Programs in Korea
International Harmonization and Mutual Recognition of ES&L Programs


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