Argentina Establishes New Energy Efficiency Requirements for Air Conditioners

The Argentinean government recently issued a resolution (Resolution 1542/2010) that establishes new minimum energy efficiency standards for split and compact air conditioners. The resolution requires air conditioners to comply with the Class E efficiency requirements of standard IRAM 62406:2007 effective from 5 January, although more stringent standards will enter into force in June 2011 and March 2012.

Specifically, air conditioners will have to comply with the IRAM 62406:2007 Class D requirements from 1 June 2011 and the IRAM 62406:2007 Class C requirements from 1 March 2012. Class C air conditioners consume seven percent less energy than Class D air conditioners and 25 percent less energy than Class F air conditioners. Argentina’s Department of Energy notes that about 90 percent of all air conditioners offered for sale in Argentina comply with Class A, B, C or D standards.

This article is taken from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.


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