Video: CLASP Launches Awareness Video on India’s Standards & Labeling Program for World Environment Day

CLASP, in collaboration with BEE, launched a video educate Indian consumers about the S&L program for residential appliances.

Karishma Joseph

India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) launched the Standards and Labeling (S&L) program in 2006 and has successfully covered 34 appliances and equipment until 2023. CLASP, in collaboration with BEE, launched a video on World Environment Day highlighting the importance of the program.

As per BEE’s Impact Report 2020-21, the S&L program has saved India an astonishing INR 37,000 crores (USD 4500 million) annually in energy costs and has also contributed to an annual reduction of 50 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, as per BEE’s study. This achievement underscores the immense potential of the S&L program.

By spreading awareness about the S&L program across the nation, we can reap multifaceted benefits and facilitate India’s progress towards achieving its climate goals.

To learn more about the BEE’s S&L program, visit this link.

For more videos on CLASP’s work, visit our YouTube channel.


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