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New EU Energy Saving Rating Labels to be Introduced

New energy saving rating labels will be introduced from June to help consumers identify the most energy efficient TVs, washing machines, dishwashers and fridge freezers.

EU energy labelThe European Energy Label includes a rainbow of colored bars and an indicator showing how well that product performs.

The labels currently run from A-G. A is the best and displayed as dark green, while G is the worst, depicted as red.

The new labels will see the introduction of A+ and A++ so that products that have gone the extra energy saving mile gain more credit.

As products become more energy efficient, higher categories of A+++ may also be added to the rating scale. But the colors of the label will remain the same, so dark green will always indicate the most energy efficient products, even if it is not always ‘A’.

As well as the band indication, the labels will also have figures such as the amount of energy that the product uses (kWh). The lower this figure is, the less energy the product uses.

More products will also carry this label in the future, like boilers and vacuum cleaners and energy saving ratings will also appears in adverts and not just at its point of sale.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said: “Consumers want to make the right decisions when buying new goods that use less energy and bring down household bills. These new energy saving ratings will help people make the right choice when out shopping for TVs and white goods by choosing those which are rated the darkest green on the labels.”

The new European Energy Label will become a legal requirement from 20 June 2011, but many appliances may show the new labels before then.

This article is taken from the Directgov – Newsroom.


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