Find CLASP at the Africa Climate Summit 2023

Between September 4 -6, CLASP attended the Africa Climate Summit, convened by the African Union (AU) and hosted by the Government of Kenya.

Lisa Kahuthu

On September 5 from 8 am to 9 am, CLASP planned a side event at the Africa Climate Summit entitled ‘The Opportunity of Appliance Access for a Climate-Resilient Africa’. This event aimed to showcase actionable solutions that African nations can implement today to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero emissions future.


Millions of people across Africa lack access to electricity and energy-efficient appliances. Often, the very same people are most at risk of exposure to climate hazards, which can result in displacement, serious health issues, and, in the worst cases, premature death. Appliances and equipment are cornerstones of life, essential for living productively and—increasingly—coping with global warming and its associated shocks. With numerous households in Africa already feeling the effects of climate change, the time to close the appliance access gaps is now, and doing this will have profound benefits for people and our planet.

Crucially, the discussions aimed to feature effective and affordable appliance solutions that foster resilient communities and drive progress toward national and global emissions reduction targets. The opportunity is here to build a more inclusive, sustainable world while positioning Africa as a global leader and advocate for universal access to efficient appliances and equipment.


Speakers at the event

Moderator – Christine Egan – CEO, CLASP


Event details:

Tuesday 5 September | 2.30 to 3.30 pm | The Opportunity of Appliance Access for a Climate-Resilient Africa | Lenana Hall


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