CLASP Europe Launches Twitter Account

We are pleased to announce that CLASP launched a new Twitter handle, @CLASP_Europe, that will focus on strengthening our partner network and encouraging appliance efficiency policy development in the European Union and United Kingdom.

Daniel Holman

The EU and UK are the third and tenth highest emitting economies in the appliances sector respectively, offering great potential for CLASP’s work and a notable global influence. Over the upcoming months, CLASP will be increasing our support and engagement with organizations, individuals and decision makers in the European Union and United Kingdom through more extensive communication efforts.

With the new CLASP Europe Twitter account (@CLASP_Europe), our team will be able to connect with new partners and advocates in the EU and UK and participate in the conversation about how to best prepare the region for a sustainable and efficient future.

@CLASP_Europe will feature engaging content on the latest research, tools, and analyses from CLASP and our partners, as well as lively conversations among leading voices in the climate mitigation & energy efficiency sectors. Followers can expect to see news on policy milestones, upcoming events and campaigns, videos, and more. Join the conversation and come follow us, we want to hear from you!

Since 2010, CLASP has worked alongside European policymakers and partners to achieve critical climate mitigation goals across the region. Learn more about our efforts in the EU and UK.


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