VeraSol QA Policy Consultant – Francophone Countries

The Consultant will provide technical assistance to national governments and regional bodies on the adoption and implementation of quality assurance frameworks for solar energy systems. The Consultant will lead our engagement in francophone countries.



Summary of Role

CLASP is seeking a consultant to join the VeraSol team of off-grid solar policy experts. In this role, the Consultant will help CLASP provide technical assistance (TA) to national governments, regional bodies and development partners on the adoption and implementation of quality assurance (QA) frameworks for off-grid solar systems and productive use appliances. The Consultant will lead our engagement in francophone countries – primarily in West Africa – with support from CLASP staff and our Global Expert.


About the Organization

CLASP serves at the epicenter of collaborative, ambitious efforts to mitigate climate change and in the global movement for clean energy access, through appliance efficiency. Our mission is to improve the energy and environmental performance of the appliances & equipment we use every day, accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world. We work together with governments, experts, industry, consumers, donor organizations and others to propel policies and markets toward the highest-quality, lowest resource-intensive appliances possible.

CLASP has worked in more than 100 countries since its inception in 1999. CLASP is headquartered in Washington, DC, with teams in Europe, Kenya, India and Indonesia. We’re mission-driven and committed to a culture of diversity, transparency, collaboration, and impactful work. See our Team Page to learn more about us.


An evolution of Lighting Global Quality Assurance, VeraSol strives to make safe, affordable, and durable products the default option in the market. To date, over 60 million units of VeraSol-certified solar energy kits have been sold globally, serving more than 490 million people with access to better quality, more affordable, and reliable energy services.

To create a robust ecosystem for quality assurance, VeraSol supports governments and large institutions in developing, adopting, and implementing standards and policies for off-grid solar solutions.

VeraSol maintains the most widely recognized quality assurance framework for pico-solar products and solar home system kits in the world. Our rigorous test methods and quality standards have been adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), a leading international standards organization. Governments around the world use this framework as the basis for tax and duty policies, voluntary market stimulation programs, and regulations to protect consumers from poor-quality products.

Currently, more than 15 countries and the ECOWAS region have adopted or are in the process of adopting IEC quality standards for solar energy kits. Once standards are adopted, governments typically need TA to establish measures that ensure that the standards are implemented effectively to bolster the market for good-quality products and inhibit the entry of sub-standard products. Governments and development partners require TA for the design and implementation of voluntary measures, such as import duty and VAT exemptions, as well as mandatory measures, which include conformity assessment, market surveillance, and standards enforcement (collectively referred to as a compliance framework).


Contract Timeframe: October 2023 – October 2024

Deadline for Application: 01 December 2023 at 23:59 ET

Application includes registering as a Consulting Partner and submitting the technical proposal per the instructions below.

Deadline for Questions: 15 November 2023 at 23:59 ET

All questions must be addressed in English to Chris Carlsen at We request all inquiries be made to this e-mail address and not by phone.


Scope of Work

  • Facilitating national and regional workshops that bring together relevant government, industry, and institutional stakeholders to establish a shared vision for QA in the off-grid solar and appliances sectors
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to develop national and regional action plans that define QA-building activities, stakeholder roles, and the TA provided by CLASP
  • Providing ongoing TA to governments on the formulation, adoption, and implementation of quality standards for off-grid solar kits and productive uses of energy (PUE) appliances
  • Providing ongoing TA to development partners on the design and implementation of project-specific QA frameworks
  • Delivering regional and national trainings for government officials on global best practice related to standards compliance
  • Developing training resources and carrying out activities to build the capacity of individuals who will serve the off-grid industry as QA experts


The Consultant will participate in regular teleconferences with CLASP staff and consultants, development partners, government representatives, and stakeholders from the private sector and civil society.  The Consultant will conduct regular documentation of activities, including but not limited to meeting minutes, trip reports, bimonthly status updates, quarterly and semiannual reports.


The Consultant is expected to provide an estimated 60 total days of support services to CLASP over the one-year duration of the contract, with the possibility of renewal. The total amount of Consultant travel is expected to be approximately 10 to 20 days.


Key Qualifications


  • 5+ years working with governments on national and/or regional policies, particularly in the energy sector
  • Working with international development organizations
  • Technical knowledge and experience with solar technologies
  • Understanding of solar standards, testing, and VeraSol’s QA framework
  • Developing and leading training activities


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Master’s degree in a related field (energy, environmental science, engineering, public policy, or international relations) preferred

Skills and competencies

  • Ability to work across government agencies, private companies, and other stakeholders to support achievement of program objectives
  • Self-directed with the ability to work remotely as part of a diverse, international team
  • Presentation skills, with the ability to explain technical content to a broad set of stakeholders


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in both French and English required
  • Fluency in one or more other languages spoken in the West Africa region is preferable

Preferred Location

  • The ideal candidate is based in West Africa, as regional travel will be required to attend meetings and workshops.



Register as a Consulting Partner

Interested parties must register as a CLASP Consulting Partner.

Tender Number: RFP 2023-09-30


Submit Technical Proposal

Interested parties should submit technical proposals electronically, in English, via this form link (preferably in PDF format). The files should be named as per the following example:

[CONTRACTOR_NAME] _VeraSolPolicyConsultantFrancophone_Proposal_RFP 2023-09-30

The length of the technical proposal should not exceed 10 pages and should include:

  • CV of the candidate
  • Examples and summaries of relevant project experience and qualifications
  • Availability (when the candidate will be available to start working)
  • Samples of technical writing in English and French
  • Daily rate (in USD)


Optional At This Stage – Fill Out Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

All contractors must fill out the PQQ before working with CLASP. This can be voluntarily completed at the RFP stage but will be mandatory if a contract is awarded.

The PQQ is a thorough due diligence screening aimed at gathering legal and financial information on prospective partners/vendors. Contract awards are conditional upon passing the due diligence screening. Organizations that have already completed the PQQ do not need to complete it again unless the structure of the business has changed. If you are unsure, please email Andrea Testa ( to determine next steps.


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