India – Development of S&L for LED Linear Lamps

CLASP is seeking a consultant / organization to conduct a comprehensive market analysis and technical assessment study to develop a new labelling program for LED linear lamps.



Scope of Work

The Consultant will be responsible for successfully executing the following activities and tasks as part of the study. Execution of all activities and tasks must be conducted in close consultation with BEE and CLASP.

Task 1: Comprehensive Market Assessment

  • Assess the size of the India’s market for LED linear lamps (number, types, capacity/rating, manufacturers wise, type of manufacturers such as organized and unorganized in SME sectors and their market share) including units manufactured and sold, import vs domestic manufacturing, market segment of major manufacturers, component level supply chain for domestic manufacturing. Capture global landscape for LED linear lamps.
  • Develop questionnaire in consultation with CLASP, for collection of data to analysis the current market scenario, energy performance status etc.
  • Supply and distribution channel of finished product, its associated components and raw materials both by organized and unorganized sectors.
  • Identify the challenges and barriers that effecting market penetration. This may include barriers related to manufacturing, technology, consumer issues (service, price, quality, etc.), and policy implementation.
  • Estimate the future market growth in next 10 years. The forecast should be accompanied by an analysis of key drivers of market penetration (rural and urban).
  • Analysis of prominent and underrepresented small and medium manufacturers, and distributers. Reach out to at-least four community-based organizations to understand the issues relevant to underserved vulnerable populations in rural areas for purchase and use of efficient lighting equipment. Provide the recommendations to meet the needs of such communities and increase the access for efficient lighting to improve quality of life.
  • Assess the emerging technology available in global market on smart lamps and market of both AC and DC lamps etc.
  • Conduct life-cycle cost assessment and pricing comparison of LED linear lamp and its associated components.

Task 2: Development of test procedure

  • Identify and analyses relevant Indian/ISO/IEC test standard and standards in other developed countries.
  • Review and compare national and international test standards such as ISO/IEC as well as labelling program used by countries and regions such as China, Korea, Japan, EU, US, Australia etc. Analysis must include the comparison of testing conditions, testing methods and calculation methods for efficiencies.
  • Identify and provide assessment of existing test facilities in India including the national accreditation status and provide recommendations to address the gaps.

Task 3: Development of Energy Efficiency Metric and Labelling Scheme

  • Conduct a comparison of international labelling programs and energy efficiency metrics.
  • Design and develop an energy efficiency metric for LED linear lamps. The scheme should be developed in a template of schedule and address all the parameters in the respective clauses of the schedule template.

Task 4: National Impact Assessment and Technical Committee Meetings

  • Based on the final recommendations of labelling thresholds, quantify annual electricity consumptions, projected energy savings and associated cost savings, avoided generation capacity, GHG emission reductions and economic benefits. The impact assessment should be done based on logical assumptions of market transformation for short term (2030) and long term (by 2050).
  • Assess the implications of S&L policies on manufacturers, consumers ownerships, and requirements of subsidies/ incentives to promote the policy adoption, if needed.
  • Assist CLASP and BEE in planning and deliberating at the technical committee meetings for developing EE policy of LED linear lamps. Prepare necessary documents (e.g., presentation, meeting agenda and minutes, labelling schedule, and gazette notification) as required.

Key Milestones and Deliverables

  1. Final comprehensive market and technical assessment report with key findings and recommendations.
  2. Propose energy performance metric for LED linear lamps.
  3. Draft schedule and gazette notification as applicable.
  4. Preparation of necessary materials for launching of the labelling program by BEE


Register as a Consulting Partner

Interested parties must register as a CLASP Consulting Partner.

Submit Technical and Financial Proposals

Interested parties should submit separate technical and financial proposals electronically, in English, via this form link (preferably in PDF format). The files should be named as per the following example:

[CONTRACTOR_NAME] _Technical Proposal_ RFP 2022-12-30[CONTRACTOR_NAME] _Financial Proposal_ RFP 2022-12-30

The length of the technical proposal should not exceed 20 pages and should include:

  • Detailed approach and methodology for the design, implementation, and management of the project.
  • Detailed timeline for all project activities, tasks, milestones, and deliverables for the project within the time frame indicated above.
  • Background and experience of conducting similar activities especially on lighting products.
  • A summary of qualifications and experience of key personnel that will execute the project.



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