Contractor – Consumer Awareness – Philippines Energy Labelling Program

CLASP is seeking a Contractor to lead a nation-wide consumer survey to investigate consumer awareness towards PELP and provide recommendations for communication strategies and label improvement based on survey results.



RFP Questions & Answers

CLASP has provided answers to questions submitted in reference to this RFP. Find our responses below.

The question period closed on 6 June 2022

Q: What is the allocated budget for this project?

A: We do not have a specific budget number for this project, however, we recommend proposals stay under USD $50,000.

Q: What is the target number of survey respondents?

A: We would like to see as many responses as possible within a reasonable budget. Response numbers will depend on the methodology proposed.

Q: What is the exact time (inclusive of timezone) of the proposal submission deadline?

A: Please submit proposals by 23:59 ET on 10 June 2022.


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