Brazil – Lighting Market Assessment

CLASP is seeking a contractor to conduct a comprehensive market assessment of lighting products across all sectors in Brazil.




CLASP is collaborating with MME, Inmetro, and Procel to support the revision of minimum energy performance standard(s) (MEPS) and/or labeling policies for lighting products. The ongoing energy crises, fueled by deteriorating hydroelectric reservoirs serving a large portion of Brazil’s energy supply, have increased the need to reduce energy consumption across all sectors.Efficient electricity use in homes, businesses, and public facilities is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to accelerate sustainable development.

At COP4 of the Minamata Convention on Mercury in March 2022, 137 governments adopted amendments to phase out compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) by 2025 on the basis of mercury content, in a major win for environmental and human health. Last-minute interventions by other countries delayed a phase-out decision on linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs) until COP5 in Fall 2023, when we expect a phase-out date to be finalized. As a party to the Minamata Convention, Brazil has the opportunity to begin preparing its lighting market for an accelerated transition to LED lighting, which is more energy-efficient and non-toxic.

In addition to reducing energy consumption and mercury pollution, adoption of technology-neutral lighting MEPS and labeling policies with strong quality standards would benefit Brazil through:

  • Market protection from dumping of inefficient, low-quality lighting products banned elsewhere
  • Increased household and business cost savings on electricity bill
  • Improved grid reliability by reducing the power demand from lighting
  • Stimulating local investment in LED assembly, including, potentially, for export to regional markets

A national market assessment for lighting products is critical to support the development of appropriate and robust energy efficiency and quality policies and to estimate the potential energy demand, energy consumption, and carbon emissions reductions of these policies.

CLASP is seeking a contractor to conduct a comprehensive market assessment of lighting products across all sectors in Brazil. This study will support MME, Inmetro, and Procel’s evidence-based policy decision-making by characterizing the lighting market and identifying barriers to an accelerated transition to LED lighting.


Contract Timeframe: 3-5 months. The contractor will ideally begin the market assessment in January 2023, aiming to conclude the study between March and May 2023.

Deadline for Application: 19 December 2022at 23:59 ET

Application includes registering as a Consulting Partner and submitting the technical and financial proposals per the instructions below.

Deadline for Questions: 19 December 2022at 23:59 ET

All questions must be addressed in English to Katriana Dubytz at We request all inquiries be made to this e-mail address and not by phone.

Scope of Work

The contractor will be responsible for successfully executing the following activities and tasks as part of the study, in close consultation with CLASP and government stakeholders. CLASP will use this study to inform technology-neutral MEPS and/or labeling policy recommendations for lighting products. All commonly available lighting products are in scope for this study with a particular focus on general service lamps, linear lamps, and street lighting luminaires:

  • All product categories (lamps and luminaires)
  • End-users across all sectors (residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor lighting)
  • All technologies (LED, fluorescent, halogen)

Task 1: Data Collection

Task 2: Market Forecast through 2030

Task 3: Identify Barriers

Key Milestones and Deliverables

  1. Inception report, detailing initial progress on data collection, issues identified (and plans for resolution) and next steps
  2. Interim report, detailing progress on the data collection
  3. Excel spreadsheet which includes all the collected data
  4. Draft final report, encompassing all data analysis, recommendations, and qualitative observations
  5. Final comprehensive report, responding to comments provided by CLASP on the draft final report

Key Qualifications

  • Experience conducting market studies for appliances and equipment in Brazil
  • Demonstrated ability to collect comprehensive market data for energy-consuming products in Brazil
  • Understanding of the Brazilian energy efficiency policymaking ecosystem
  • Experience with and understanding of appliance and equipment standards and labeling policies


  • Register as a Consulting Partner
    Interested parties must register as a CLASP Consulting Partner.
  • Submit Technical and Financial Proposals
    Interested parties should submit separate technical and financial proposals electronically, in English, via this form link (preferably in PDF format). More details are available in the attached PDF.


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