Uses and Impacts of Off-Grid Refrigerators

This report summarises the benefits and challenges experienced by off-grid refrigerator users in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda over several years, based on an analysis by 60 Decibels and Efficiency for Access.

Expanding access to affordable, high-performing cooling solutions through off-grid refrigerators can strengthen food and healthcare systems, while also improving living standards and building resilience to climate change in vulnerable communities.

A recent longitudinal study by 60 Decibels and Efficiency for Access shows that off-grid refrigerators are creating financial benefits for users year on year, with 79% of respondents reporting that they use their off-grid refrigerators for income-generating activities.

This multi-year study was commissioned by Efficiency for Access as part of the Global LEAP Results-based Financing Facility. 60 Decibels interviewed 603 off-grid refrigerator customers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda between 2018 and 2022 to gain insights into consumers’ experience with off-grid refrigerators. Nearly half of respondents (48%) reported that their income grew from using off-grid refrigerators, while 24% reported growth in their businesses.

The findings in this report will fill user-experience knowledge gaps and guide manufacturers in improving product design and financing for off-grid solar products.

Download the Uses and Impacts of Off-Grid Refrigerators report for more information.


About Efficiency for Access

Efficiency for Access is a global coalition working to promote renewable and energy efficient appliances to deliver clean energy to the world’s poorest people. It is coordinated jointly by CLASP and the UK’s Energy Saving Trust.

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