Unlocking Green Jobs for Rural Youth in Solar Irrigation

Efficiency for Access and Dalberg are launching a pilot program to promote green skills development and enable youth to access jobs in the solar-powered irrigation systems (SPIS) sector.

Driven by the sustainable growth of the market for solar-powered irrigation systems (SPIS) in Kenya, valued at approximately USD 30 million, the sector is offering expanding job opportunities. In Kenya alone, the SPIS sector is projected to create approximately 7,000 to 10,000 direct jobs by 2027. These well-paying and impactful positions can offer employment to rural youth who often face challenges accessing education, employment, or training.

Efficiency for Access, in collaboration with Dalberg, is committed to equipping these young individuals with the essential hard and soft skills to excel in the SPIS sector. Given that opportunities in this sector often demand specialized skills that are in short supply among youth, we are introducing a pilot program that will provide SPIS training to young adults post-high school. This specialized training not only meets the needs of underemployed youth but also addresses the growing demand for skilled labor as the solar irrigation sector continues to expand.

Through the successful implementation of this program, Efficiency for Access’ and Dalberg’s aim is to establish a blueprint and proof of concept that can be replicated in other regions and in the broader realm of green jobs, particularly within the productive-use renewable energy (PURE) sector.

Learn more about Efficiency for Access’ pilot concept and how you can be a part of this initiative.

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Download the Unlocking Green Jobs for Rural Youth in Solar Irrigation presentation to learn more.

About Efficiency for Access

Efficiency for Access is a global coalition working to promote high-performing, energy-efficient appliances that enable access to clean energy for the world’s poorest people. It is a catalyst for change, accelerating the growth of off-grid appliance markets to boost incomes, reduce carbon emissions, improve quality of life, and support sustainable development. The Efficiency for Access Coalition is coordinated jointly by CLASP,  an international not-for-profit appliance energy efficiency and market development specialist organization, and UK’s Energy Saving Trust, which specializes in energy efficiency product verification, data and insight, advice, and research.


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