Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey 2018

The 2018 Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey report examines the perceived demand and impact potential of household, productive use and healthcare technologies.

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Between 19 June and 6 July 2018, Efficiency for Access, in collaboration with the Energy Access Practitioner Network, conducted an online survey of energy access professionals to assess the demand for and impact of 46 off-grid appropriate appliances across household, productive use, and healthcare applications. Building on two previous iterations of the Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey, the 2018 edition featured a more sophisticated survey tool and methodology that reduced the potential for bias or double-counting and, ultimately, provided more nuanced results.

The findings presented in the resulting 2018 Off-Grid Appliance Market Survey report should serve as a key piece of market intelligence to enhance the global understanding of the off-grid appliance market, and provide a framework for stakeholders to identify business opportunities and high-impact interventions.

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