2021 Solar Appliance Snapshots

Two-page primers covering the latest market trends, consumer impacts, current success, barriers and pathways to scale for 11 high-priority technologies.

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The 2021 Solar Appliance Snapshots offer a quick primer on the most salient details on 8 solar appliances and 3 enabling technologies. These two-page documents complement the 2021 Solar Appliance Technology Briefs. Each document summarises market insights, consumer impacts, current successes and remaining challenges, as well as recommendations and pathways to scale for each of the 11 technologies.

Similar to the 2021 Technology Briefs, the Solar Appliance Snapshots will be released on a monthly basis according to each technology’s relative level of market maturity:

  • Near-to-market technologies: fans, TVs
  • Emerging technologies: solar water pumps, refrigerators
  • Horizon technologies; cold storage, electric pressure cookers, milling, e-mobility
  • Enabling technologies: interoperability, ICT, permanent magnet motors

Photo credit: Cold Hubs

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