Shift to Energy Efficiency in India Could End Blackouts, Save Money, and Boost GDP

ClimateWorks’ Network partners have come up with a solution that could eliminate India’s blackouts, boost its GDP by roughly half a trillion dollars, slash its greenhouse gas emissions, and save money for consumers. This solution, which relies on readily available technologies and established best practices, can be expanded worldwide to help nations reduce their reliance on costly, unreliable power sources and stimulate their economies while cutting carbon emissions.

The Hundred Billion Dollar Bonus: Global Energy Efficiency Lessons From India” explains how shifting to currently available energy efficient appliances and other technologies could help India achieve these gains in just a few years. The report, which can be downloaded here, also shows how global collaboration can advance such benefits, helping countries save money and significantly reduce CO2emissions.

This edition of the ClimateWorks Network Knowledge Series was a joint effort of the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, with contributions from the CLASP, Prayas Energy Group, and the deputy assistant secretary for climate policy at the U.S. Department of Energy.

This article is taken from the ClimateWorks Foundation News & Report.


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