Conversations with CLASP: New Podcast Features Huda Jaffer of SELCO Foundation

Through conversations with partners, CLASP is exploring the implications of the novel coronavirus for the clean energy access sector. We hope that you enjoy this candid dialogue with the experts on the challenges and opportunities that face the sector right now.

Christine Egan

The first in a series, in this ‘Conversations with CLASP’ podcast episode, our CEO Christine Egan sits down virtually with Huda Jaffer, Director of SELCO Foundation.

“The silver lining to this pandemic is that we are seeing a renewed sense of urgency to be both self-reflective and act. I would rather we all implement, take action, and fail than be accused of inaction.”
-Huda Jaffer, Director of SELCO Foundation

The interview covers:

  • The current situation in India for bottom of the pyramid off-grid communities
  • Pandemic impact on the clean energy access ecosystem
  • Specific opportunities for the off-grid solar sector to bolster pandemic response and recovery

Huda is a product/-service/-system’s designer with a keen interest in user-centric design specifically for sustainability and developmental issues. Over the past ten years at SELCO, she has played a critical role in growing the capacity and processes of the Foundation to build the ecosystem for sustainable energy access for the poor.

As the world copes with the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of appliances in mitigating its impacts, particularly in vulnerable off-grid communities, is becoming increasingly evident. Medical appliances are critical to run diagnostics and treat patients in health facilities. Televisions and radios enable people to stay informed and access education. Refrigerators help households preserve food and reduce trips to the market, and solar powered pumps provide water for drinking and sanitation.

The podcast can also be accessed on Spotify.


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