Off-Grid Appliance Market Scoping and Product Procurement



CLASP improves the energy and environmental performance of the appliances & equipment we use every day, accelerating our transition to a more sustainable world.

CLASP’s Clean Energy Access portfolio focuses on using energy efficiency to drive and accelerate the affordability, and social and environmental benefits, of access to clean energy throughout the developing world. CLASP serves as the Operating Agent for the several programs of the Global Lighting & Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP), an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), to catalyze and support commercial markets that deliver clean energy access products and services to un- and under-electrified communities throughout the developing world. Global LEAP does this by developing product quality assurance frameworks, promoting demand-side super-efficiency, and encouraging collaboration among donors and other institutions.

To support a forthcoming Global LEAP program that will create a new, easy-to-use online database of off-grid appliance laboratory test and market data, CLASP is engaging a consultant with experience in conducting off-grid appliance market scoping survey in one of the following key markets – Bangladesh, India, and the East African region. 

The consultant will support CLASP on (a) scoping and identifying locations where off-grid appliance products are commercially available, (b) conducting market surveys at these locations, (c) procuring product samples and coordinating shipment of the product samples to locations such as laboratories, as directed by CLASP.


Distributed (“off-grid”) clean energy technologies – like solar home systems (SHSs), and renewable mini-/micro-grids – offer cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable modern energy services to the billions of under-electrified consumers at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP). These modern energy services displace dirty, pre-modern fuels such as kerosene and diesel, driving positive global health and environmental impacts, as well as socioeconomic development.

Quality assured, highly energy efficient, and appropriately designed off-grid appliances like televisions (TVs), fans, and refrigerators accelerate markets for off-grid clean energy systems like SHSs and mini-grids. High quality off-grid appliances create demand for clean energy systems, while energy efficient appliances reduce energy supply costs and maximize the usefulness of every unit of energy generated. As such, these appliances are essential to the development of off-grid markets.

Despite the potential of appliances to spark off-grid markets and provide enhanced and greater energy services to BoP consumers, the market for these appliances is underdeveloped, disorganized, and difficult for off-grid market actors to access and navigate. Both off-grid energy companies and appliance manufacturers experience challenges related to price sensitivity of BoP consumers, lack of information about products and/or the market itself, and other barriers to market entry. These market failures inhibit the development of an appliance market that meets the needs of the global clean energy access challenge.

To address these and other market failures and help jumpstart a badly needed competitive global market for outstanding off-grid appliances, Global LEAP is leading several programs designed to help the development of the off-grid appliance market. Many of these programs will require market scoping and product procurement efforts to better understand and track the performance of off-grid appliances sold through retail markets around the world. 


Once CLASP has identified a key market to conduct market scoping and field product procurement, the Consultant will assist CLASP in the following tasks:  

Task 1. Scoping 

1.1 In advance of each field visit, the Consultant will identify market locations where off-grid products are available for purchase, and prioritize markets for visits. 

1.2 The Consultant will develop a travel plan, which clearly outlines the locations selected for field visits, estimated person-days required to complete the field visit at each location, and estimated travel costs per location. 

1.3 Once the travel plan has been reviewed and approved by CLASP, the Consultant will start making travel arrangements, which will be approved by CLASP. 

Task 2. Field Visits & Survey

2.1 The Consultant will conduct a brief off-grid product survey with retailers or distributors at the market to identify off-grid appliances that are available at that market and collect basic product information as indicated in the field visit survey template, and as available for each product.  

2.2 The Consultant will collect the survey responses, compile the survey results, and report back to CLASP within two week after the completion of each field visit.  

2.3 Based on the information collected during the field visits, the Consultant will finalize a list for products for procurement in consultation with CLASP.

Task 3. Product Procurement & Shipping 

3.1 The Consultant will purchase the product samples that are agreed upon with CLASP. 

3.2 The Consultant will verify that the product samples are packaged properly and coordinate product sample shipping from market locations to locations such as test laboratories, as directed by CLASP. The coordination may include provision of necessary documentation for custom clearance, confirmation with retailers’ or CLASP’s preferred shipping agents that ensure packages are scheduled to ship, etc. 

3.3 The Consultant will confirm the shipping details with CLASP via email and provide all invoices and receipts from product procurement, shipment, and travel expenses to CLASP.


Several Global LEAP programs will make use of market scoping and product procurement efforts. CLASP is currently looking for a consultant to conduct Indian off-grid appliance market scoping and the work will start immediately after the contract is signed.  The efforts in other markets will be on an ad-hoc basis.


A team will evaluate proposals received from respondents. Selection of qualified consultant or teams will be based upon following criteria:

  • Familiarity with off-grid appliance markets in either India, Bangladesh, and East Africa 
  • Experiences of market scoping/survey activities:
    • Thorough understanding of off-grid consumers, products, and market characteristics 
    • A thorough grasp of this program’s scope, objectives and goals


Interested parties should submit a single proposal as an electronic file and include the following: 

  • Qualifications: 
    • CVs of the individual consultant/team members that will implement the project
    • Examples of relevant work and references
  • Daily Rates

The file should be named as per the following example: “Contractor Name: RFP7-17”. If necessary for the selection process, CLASP may request additional information from any applicant. 

Proposals should be submitted via the CLASP website using the “Submit Bid” button and filling out all the requested information. The deadline for proposal submission is November 07, 2017. Proposals submitted directly to anyone at CLASP will not be accepted.

All questions may be addressed to Aditi Ahuja at The last date for submission of questions related to this RFP is October 28, 2017. We request all inquiries be made by e-mail and not by phone.


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