Indonesia Consumer Behavior Assessment for ACs

CLASP is seeking a contractor to conduct consumer behavior research for advancing air conditioner policy in Indonesia.




CLASP is seeking a contractor to conduct consumer research analysis for air conditioners in Indonesia. Objectives of the study:

  1. Collect in-depth information on consumers behavior and attitude towards energy efficiency standards and labels, purchasing behavior and awareness on the benefits of the energy labels and consumer protection.
  2. Develop baseline information on the role of various consumer organizations in the policy process for energy standards and labels, and on the consumer’s perspective on how these organizations can advocate or provide services for consumers.


  • Contract Timeframe: July-November 2022
  • Deadline for Application: 8 July 2022 at 23:59 ET
  • Deadline for Questions: 24 June 2022 at 23:59 ET

Key Qualifications

The contractor is expected to have at least the following key qualifications:

  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative research in the field of consumer research, organizational development, minimum energy performance standard, energy label, energy efficiency, and air conditioner industry
  • Experience in conducting primary research in Indonesia using interviews and online survey
  • Clear understanding on multiple research methodologies and experience in using social research tools and techniques,
  • Familiar on the topic related to Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Energy Labeling is preferable,
  • Familiar with MEMR’s works on Energy Label and MEPS is preferable
  • Having experience/knowledge related to air conditioners sector is preferable,
  • Having experience and capability for managing data and analysis using ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • Ability to write final report of the research in English that being proved from past-experience reports in English
  • At least 3 years of progressive experience in market research with the focus of consumer’s behavior

Commonly asked questions

Q: Besides consumers (both owners and prospective purchasers of ACs) and consumer organizations – who will be the other target respondents for the study scope?

A: We intended mainly to gain information directly from the AC users/intended users. We are also looking to gain information from consumer organizations with the objective to have baseline info on their role in policy advocacy as outlined in Objective 2 of this survey.

Q: What will be the tentative meetings that we will have to conduct (with/without local partners)?

A: It depends on your strategy and methodology for implementing the survey. We welcome recommendations about additional meetings with local stakeholders in your proposal, however, the tentative meetings with local partners will at least include the following:

  • Task 1: Kick-off workshop and designing the survey strategy
  • Task 2: Validation workshop
  • Task 3: Dissemination workshop / National workshop

RFP Questions & Answers

CLASP has provided answers to questions submitted in reference to this RFP. Find our responses below.

The question period closed on 24 June 2022

Q: Is there any minimum threshold on number of respondents to be covered as part of offline and online interviews/surveys?

A: Previously we had sample 5,000 HH and only 6% have the ownership of AC. So total sample should be not less than our previous study sample. Segregation between off-line and online – we expect online survey could cover 60-70% of the offline sample. However, the off-line sample should at least consider the coverage of the major PLN’s users of electricity, in which we assume that those areas must have HH with AC and have better economic lifestyle rate.

Q: Will technical consultants bear the expenses related to overall arrangements of the workshop such as reserving venue, refreshments, etc.?

A: CLASP and EBTKE will organize the workshop. Expectation of the event arrangement: contractor support for ensuring the participants and all non-government parties attend.

Q: We understand that wall mounted single split ACs are covered as part of S&L program for air conditioners. Will the consumer behavior assessment consider the behavioral aspects only for the domestic consumers of these ACs? In case there are any additional end-users to be considered for the assessment, then please specify the same.

A: From initial survey we have focused on the domestic consumers, however, we would be happy if you would take to account AC split user from industry such tourism sector, industrial areas, and commercial buildings.


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