Global LEAP+RBF Appliance Monitoring & Verification

DUE DATE: 17th December, 2021

CLASP is seeking a contractor to implement robust appliance monitoring and verification activities for Global LEAP Results-based Financing Mechanism for EPCs being executed in Kenya.

DUE DATE: 17th Dec 2021 QUESTIONS:


Global LEAP+RBF is a unique initiative that couples the Global LEAP Awards–an international competition that identifies and promotes the world’s best, most energy efficient off-grid appliances–with results-based financing (RBF) procurement incentives for Awards participants and off-grid solar distributors that partner to distribute large quantities of Global LEAP Awards-winning products.

With support from Endev and through Efficiency for Access (E4A) Coalition, CLASP is implementing Global LEAP+RBF mechanism to promote procurement of Electric Pressure Cookers (EPC) (declared Winners and Finalists in the 2020 Global LEAP EPC Awards Competition) in Kenya.

Efficiency for Access is a global coalition promoting energy efficiency as a potent catalyst in clean energy access efforts. Coalition programs aim to scale up markets and reduce prices for super-efficient, off-and weak-grid appropriate products, support technological innovation, and improve sector coordination. The E4A Coalition is coordinated jointly by CLASP, the leading international voice and resource for appliance energy efficiency policies and market acceleration initiatives, and the UK’s Energy Saving Trust, which specializes in energy efficiency product verification, data and insight, advice, and research.


The Global LEAP+RBF aims to catalyze the uptake of high quality super-efficient appliances by 1) Lowering the cost to procure large volumes of best-in-class off-grid appliances for early mover off-grid solar companies, and 2) Facilitating new business partnerships for appliance suppliers that have invested in the production of high-quality off-grid appliances.

To date, four rounds of the Global LEAP+RBF have been executed catalyzing procurement and distribution of over 280,000 best-in-class off-grid TVs, Fans, Refrigerators, Solar Water pumps (SWP) and Electric Pressure Cookers (EPC’s) across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Senegal, and Bangladesh between 2017 and 2020, providing new or enhanced energy access to more than 1,300,000 people.

Currently, CLASP is implementing a fourth scaled -pilot round of the Global LEAP+RBF program which will provide Results-based Financing incentives to encourage off-grid energy companies to purchase and market efficient Electric Pressure Cookers in Kenya.

In support of this mechanism, CLASP is engaging an organization to provide support on the M&E activities component of this mechanism. Verification of appliance sales to end users will be an integral part of the M&E process and is expected to leverage the collection of additional insights on the impact of appliance purchase and use that will be beneficial to CLASP, its partners, participating companies and key off-grid market stakeholders in Kenya and beyond.

Scope of Work

The Consultant will be responsible for successfully executing the following activities and tasks as part of the Global LEAP+RBF M&E. Execution of all activities and tasks will be conducted in close consultation with CLASP:

  • While the estimated number of customer surveys vary, the consultant must be prepared and have the capacity to conduct additional surveys in each data collection round depending on participating companies’ product sales volume with a ceiling of 3,000 surveys in total.
  • The consultant shall add data collected to their existing energy Database to provide benchmarking of performance against key impact indicators where relevant and possible.
  • The consultant shall align appliance impact indicators/metrics to the GOGLA harmonized impact metrics, where possible.
  • The consultant shall flag and address any ongoing issues that may arise during the deployment of surveys.
  • The Consultant will provide preliminary strategic consulting on phone survey design, optimization, and delivery.
  • The Consultant shall translate developed surveys into local languages as appropriate for use in Kenya
  • The Consultant shall train and manage a team of researchers to collect data and perform QC checks on data collected by these researchers.
  • The Consultant shall be available via email, video conferencing (i.e., Zoom, Microsoft Teams), or phone for on-call custom support as needed by the Client during the duration of the program, as is reasonable.

Key Deliverables

  • Initial strategy consulting and survey tools development.
  • Access to raw data from data collection
  • Verification dashboard report after each RBF data collection round
  • EPC Appliance end-user impact report to CLASP


Contract Timeframe: December 2021 to June 2022

Deadline for Application: 17th Dec 2021

Application includes registering as a Consulting Partner and submitting the technical and financial proposals per the instructions below.

Deadline for Questions: 10th Dec 2021

All questions must be sent in English to Ruth Kimani, Associate Clean Energy Access at We request all inquiries be made to this e-mail address and not by phone.


Register as a Consulting Partner

Interested parties must register at Implementing Partner Sign-up (

Submit Technical and Financial Proposals

Interested parties should submit separate technical and financial proposals electronically, in English, via this form link (preferably in PDF format). The files should be named as per the following example:

[CONTRACTOR_NAME] _Technical Proposal_ RFP XXXX

[CONTRACTOR_NAME] _Financial Proposal_ RFP XXXX

The length of the technical proposal should not exceed 10 pages and should include:

  • Detailed approach and methodology for the design, implementation, and management of the project
  • Detailed timeline for all project activities, tasks, milestones, and deliverables for the project within the time frame indicated above
  • Background and experience of conducting similar activities
  • A summary of qualifications and experience of key personnel that will execute the project

The financial proposal (in USD) should include a detailed budget with all direct and indirect cost estimates for executing the project, including a breakdown (in days) of the level of effort and costs associated with each team member that will be engaged in the project.

CVs and related summaries of experience and qualifications of proposed project team staff should be included in an Annex and should not exceed 10 pages.

CLASP looks forward to reviewing your responses and would like to thank you in advance for your participation in this Request for Proposals. CLASP will notify all respondents who submit proposals when a decision has been made.

Evaluation Procedure

A committee appointed by CLASP will evaluate proposals received. Selection of qualified companies or organizations will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Technical Evaluation Factors
  • Financial Evaluation Factors

While the overall Technical Evaluation is the key factor in reviewing the proposal, the cost evaluation will be an essential factor in determining the final contract award and ability to remain in the competitive range and will be evaluated for feasibility, completeness, and practicality.

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