Estimating Potential Impact of Energy Efficiency Policies in India

CLASP is seeking a consulting organisation to compile energy balance and estimate the overall impact of energy efficiency policies for India.




Energy efficiency has a central role in tackling climate change and is expected is one of the single largest and the most critical source for achieving India’s ambition on climate in the near term. To enable this, there is an urgent need to support India accelerate, deepen, and broaden the scope of its energy efficiency activities so that it can deliver on a significant portion of India’s 2030 emissions reductions goals. Energy efficiency policies are the best available instruments for driving energy use and emissions reductions and also deliver a number of environmental, economic, societal and health benefits.


Contract Timeframe: August – November 2022

Deadline for Application: 15 July 2022 at 23:59 ET

Application includes registering as a Consulting Partner and submitting the technical and financial proposals per the instructions below.

Deadline for Questions: 8 July 2022 at 23:59 ET

All questions must be addressed in English to Sumedha Awasthy at We request all inquiries be made to this e-mail address and not by phone.

Key Qualifications

  • The organization should have overall knowledge and expertise in the energy sector, energy-saving, and GHG reduction.
  • Experience in working on projects related to energy-saving calculations.
  • The organization should have a local presence in India.



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