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CLASP directly contacted 10 US East Coast-based digital firms (to work closely with CLASP’s Communications team in DC) to bid on a redesign of its flagship website, Several agencies sent response bids to CLASP’s Web Redesign RFP before the March 31 deadline, and the CLASP team reviewed them in full, ultimately settling on the Brooklyn, NY-based Suits & Sandals.


CLASP improves the environmental performance of the appliances & equipment we use every day, supporting our transition to a more sustainable and resilient world.

An independent, international non-profit organization, CLASP serves as the leading international voice and resource for both on- and off-grid energy efficiency standards and labeling (S&L) and related market acceleration initiatives.

From off-grid, solar-powered technologies bringing light to energy-impoverished people around the world, to making our room air conditioners smarter and less costly to the climate, CLASP’s goal is to drastically increase uptake of affordable, low-impact, high-quality appliances.

Since 1999, we have worked in over 50 economies on 6 continents, collaborating with global experts and local stakeholders to develop appropriate, comprehensive, and transformative policy and market solutions for energy efficient appliances.

CLASP values collaboration, transparency, and service. We’re mission-driven and culturally diverse.

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CLASP seeks to contract a qualified consultant (organization) to re-vision and redesign the CLASP website.


CLASP views its current site as somewhat outdated, design-wise. Furthermore, it no longer reflects the CLASP programmatic and operational structure. It leaves some audiences – which have evolved over the last 2-3 years – in the dark. The homepage is overwhelming. Overall, we would like to see cleaner site that offers a more dynamic transition from highest-level (and very understandable) information, to more in-depth stories, and finally to the nitty gritty of CLASP research and data-driven tools. 

As a dynamic, international organization with programs, teams, and/or offices around the world, CLASP needs a site that can serve as a central voice for the CLASP mission, and simultaneously reflect the diversity of CLASP’s work. The site should reflect CLASP’s values and also the high quality and integrity of CLASP programs and research.


CLASP currently conceives of this project in two phases – re-vision and then re-design. 

Revision: The consultant will need to spend some time with the CLASP project team to think through what kind of site we want. Who are the audiences, what might we want to say to them, and how do we prioritize them in terms of dedicated site real estate and structure? Some of CLASP’s audiences, for example, are highly technical partners and consultants in the appliance energy efficiency field, while others include philanthropic donors with a climate-change fighting or international development agenda. 

More than ever, we are seeing our subject matter taking the international stage. Climate change mitigation is now being seen as an urgent priority across the globe, but our piece in preventing it is not easily understood from the homepage. What’s the meta-CLASP story we’re telling right now, and what are the micro stories that support that narrative? 

How best do we fill out our brand in the colors, photographs, and art of our site? We have traditionally found it difficult to find great photography – diverse humans interacting with high-quality, super-efficient appliances in all parts of the world. 

Part of the re-visioning process will include an assessment of our current CMS. We use Sitecore because of our data-rich S&L Database. Is this still the best and most innovative tool for us? Or is there a better CMS that would meet our needs? 

The Consultant will need to lead CLASP through a thorough and efficient re-visioning process. 

Re-design: Following the re-visioning process, the Consultant will be responsible for re-development of the CLASP site. This will likely include a visual overhaul, including both design and photography elements, designing and implementing a revised information architecture, and a plan and timeline co-created with CLASP to create new or revised content as needed. CLASP foresees changes to certain web forms, menus, etc. Let’s not forget code, testing, and training as needed. 

If a new CMS is selected in the re-visioning process, the Consultant will also need to lead the process of transferring content from one CMS to another, with CLASP assistance.


The Consultant will be required to provide a number of outputs over the course of the period of design and redevelopment of the CLASP website, including but not limited to:

  • Complete a “re-visioning” or kick-off phase with relevant stakeholders (to be identified by CLASP) to develop a comprehensive set of functional requirements based on existing and additional user research;
  • Produce a thorough, intuitive information architecture structure that lays the groundwork for visual design and front-end/back-end development through detailed user-flows, sitemaps, and wireframes;
  • Produce 3 to 5 visual design concept options for CLASP to review, and commit to 2-3 revisions;
  • Develop front-end and back-end code that successfully executes on the approved visual design and information architecture;
  • Execute quality assurance testing and user testing prior to launch, including cross-browser testing; and
  • Effectively collaborate with the CLASP team.


The project is expected to commence in April 2017 and to conclude by November 2017. The “re-visioning” process should last no longer than 4-6 weeks. We expect the rest of the activities – “under re-design” – to take 6 months to complete.


The right project team will come from an innovative and strategic website development company or organization with extensive experience implementing information architecture solutions and web design. The firm will ideally have:   

  • A history of great story-telling, innovative design, and smart solutions for their clients;
  • Experience working with the international, non-profit and/or energy sectors;
  • A history of designing complicated information architecture arrangements to maximize web user experience;
  • Experience working internationally or with international and/or multicultural organizations;
  • A collaborative work approach. 

A mobile-compatible version is required for the site. The site shall also be compliant with section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 


CLASP is dedicated to the reduction of carbon emissions in all technology decisions. Solutions that have a demonstrable impact on reducing CLASP’s carbon footprint may be given favorable consideration. The site must provide maximum data portability.


Interested parties should submit a single proposal, including pricing, as an electronic file. The file should be named as per the following example: “Contractor Name: CLASP Website Redesign
If necessary for the selection process, CLASP may request additional information from any applicant. 
Proposals should be submitted via the CLASP website using the “Submit Bid” button and filling out all the requested information. The deadline for proposal submission is March 31st 2017. Proposals submitted directly to anyone at CLASP will not be accepted.
All questions may be addressed to Katherine Duncan at The last date for submission of questions related to this RFP is March 20th 2017. We request all inquiries be made by e-mail and not by phone.


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