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UNEP Partnership Forecasts Energy Savings from Appliance Efficiency Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

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The United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Global Efficient Appliances and Equipment Partnership is a public-private initiative focused on accelerating the transition to more efficient appliances and equipment around the world. In collaboration with the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE), the Partnership undertook to demonstrate for Latin American policymakers the financial and environmental benefits of implementing policies to drive efficiency improvements in certain cooling products.

The following report – Efficient Cooling Products in Latin America and the Caribbean – presents an analysis of the economic and energy savings potential from adopting more efficient cooling appliances in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) countries. The report also recommends next-step policy actions for consideration by LAC governments.

According to the analysis, the 33 countries of the LAC region can save over 137 TWh of electricity in 2030 by adopting advanced appliance energy efficiency policies for refrigerators, air conditioners, and ceiling fans. This would save Latin American consumers almost US$ 20 billion in electricity bills, as well as reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 44 million tonnes.

A closer look at the potential annual energy savings for Latin American and the Caribbean

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