Study on Algorithm Development for Energy Performance Testing


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This project, a series of reports prepared for the APEC Secretariat in December 2001 (Project EWG 03/200T), identifies products for which the development of testing algorithms would be appropriate and those for which algorithms are inappropriate or unnecessary. The scope of the study is limited to electrical appliances and equipment and does not cover safety or non-energy related products or requirements.

The project was split into 4 segments:

Study 1: Selection of Product Groups  
Authors: Lloyd Harrington, Energy Efficient Strategies, with assistance from Dr. Paul Waide, PW Consulting

Study 2: Study of algorithms for domestic refrigeration appliances 

Author: P.K. Bansal, Ph.D., The University of Auckland

Study 3: Study of algorithms for air conditioners 

Author: Hugh I. Henderson, Jr., P.E., CDH Energy Corporation

Study 4: Survey of industry and regulators 

Author: Sood Ratanadilok Na Phuket

Information from: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)


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