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This questionnaire was prepared as a part of the Capacity-Building Program for the Removal of Barriers to the Cost-Effective Development and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling in EU Candidate Countries (S&L-EUCC) sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme/Global Environment Facility.

The document, which comprises a comprehensive list of the questions and data policymakers need to gather/consider to begin addressing S&L, was utilized to initiate discussions with national counterparts in the target countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Turkey as a part of baseline project assessment. The document was prepared with inputs from Sophie Attati (of So Watt), Pierre Baillargeon (of Econoler International), Christine Egan (CLASP Executive Director), Frank Klinckenberg (of Klinckenberg Consultants) and Saul Stricker (of Econoler International).

This list of topics and preliminary questions are intended to solicit an initial sense of the information that is readily available in the market or that can be assembled with a minimum effort, such as meetings with stakeholders and collection of available information.

The questionnaire was prepared by an international expert team under a consortium of the Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP) and Econoler International in association with Klinckenberg Consultants and So Watt.


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