Public Awareness of ENERGY STAR Label Exceeds 65%


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Public awareness of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR label has jumped to 68% of US households, according to a recent nationwide survey. According to the survey, in many major markets where local utilities and other organizations use ENERGY STAR to promote energy efficiency to their customers, public awareness of ENERGY STAR is even greater, averaging 76%.

This report discusses the results of the CEE 2006 ENERGY STAR Household Survey, building on prior years’ survey results and focusing on the extent to which consumers recognize the ENERGY STAR label, understand its intended messages, and utilize (or are influenced by) the label in their energy-related purchase decisions.

Research questions of interest included:

  • Where do consumers see or hear about the ENERGY STAR label?
  • How does increased publicity impact consumer ENERGY STAR label recognition, understanding, and influence?
  • Which key messages about the ENERGY STAR label are consumers retaining?
  • Do consumers demonstrate loyalty to the ENERGY STAR label?


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